Editorial Members


Hilla Lavie


Prof. Ofer Ashkenazi

Editorial Coordinator:

Lior Tibet

Advisory Board:

Prof. Moshe Zimmermann
Prof. Naama Shefi
Dr. Tobias Ebbrecht-Hartmann
Dr. Kobi Kabalek




Slil is an academic, peer-reviewed journal in Hebrew, which aims to enables graduate students and young scholars to publish their studies and to enhance them through the comments of the readers. The journal site is sponsored by the Koebner-Minerva Center for German History and by the Faculty of Humanities at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and operates in cooperation with the Jerusalem Cinematheque. In addition to research articles, it offers various tools for the study and the teaching of films in history classes, such as links to film archives and online databases; relevant syllabi of courses taught by Israeli university lecturers; and reviews of new films and pertinent books.

The editors of this journal believe that a worthwhile discussion cannot be limited to academic professionals, detached from the general public. We therefore seek to reach out to a wider readership with the hope to contribute to a rich and knowledgeable public discourse. Within this framework, we have organized a series of open lectures, given by university teachers of history and media, as well as special screenings and open discussions. Alongside of these activities, we also publish review articles of a less rigid nature, which discuss issues in film criticism and teaching.

We are thankful for our contributors and our sponsors. We are especially indebted to Prof. Moshe Zimmermann of the History Department at the Hebrew University, for his advice and ongoing support of our endeavor.